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'Maya Beach Launch Event '
Maya Beach project Um Al Touer,the Pioneer open beach in syria more...
'Job Fair 2010 '
Arafeh Holding Participated in the job fair exhibition that is sponsored by the French Embassy more...
'Arafeh Holding Breakfast ceremony 2010 '
Arafeh Holding Headed by it's chairman Mr.Safwan Arafeh had the annual breakfast ceremony more...
'Arafeh holding ceremony for honoring its employees'
Arafeh holding ceremony for honoring its employees 1/06/2010 arafeh holding celebrated the end of the second reward round for 2009 under the slogan your achievement is our success more...
'ARAFEH: Exploring opportunities'
27/5/2010 Eng Mohammed Naji al-Otari ,Pime Minister opened Yesterday Morning ,the conference of investment in the touristic southern region entitiled more...
According to its social responsibility Safwan Arafeh Establishment more...
'Lamsat Shefa'
Arafeh Holding with its social responsibility undertakes the sponsorship of a luncheon for 'Lamsat Shefa' more...
As an establishment that supports beautiful arts and encourages people to provide fascinating arts more...
'Stop smoking'
Arafeh Holding in terms of its social responsibility was the first advocates and still calling to stop and prevent smoking more...
Economic City
Arafeh offers you a clear vision more...
Al Thawra 17/2/2010
Soon .. Rooms investment in free zones more...

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